The ACAF - Who we are?
The ACAF is the first NGO to create awareness about counterfeiting. It's full of like-minded brand protection professionals willing to aware maximum number of people to achieve our common goals.

As the normal person could not make a difference between the original and duplicate products as they are not technical experts. This is what our NGO wants to create awareness among the public. As there are various web sites available on the internet but illiterate people or house wife can understand these web sites? Certainly not, only highly qualified societies can comprehend these sites because of all these circumstances we want to create awareness into the countryside, outskirts of metro cities and hamlets as there is huge percentage of illiterate and maximum number of unaware people.

We will conduct the several workshops in the small villages on the slide shows, this will certainly fruitful to all kind of people. Usually people obtain the meaning of Piracy or Piracy only concern with the CD and DVD piracy, but there are numerous sectors are available like auto parts, medicines, food, government documents (Passports, visas etc.), Software, stationary and most affected area is FMCG (soaps, perfumes, jeans & T-shirts, Milk, Sweets etc.).
If counterfeit admixtures in FMCG products then it will directly affects to consumer?dy or routine life and in the eyes of law it is a heinous crime and it comes under the IPC420, we put these points in front of the public. We will not only conduct workshops but will conduct the press conference, meetings with several Unions and with the legal departments of different companies to inform them that how drastically piracy is affecting to your company and to the customers of the company as well.
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