The ACAF - About Us
After the great success of IP Investigation & Detective Services Pvt. Ltd. and Anti Counterfeit News now this group is launching NGO named Anti Counterfeit Awareness Foundation to become stronger in the battlefield of anti piracy. NGO will be most helpful and dangerous weapon to deter counterfeiters from their illegal actions.

If one will observe the Indian markets then he will come to know that how severely piracy affecting to markets. Someone has to take steps to deter these enemies, so this group has flexed their muscles and ready to confront with the piracy.

Since year 2000 we are fighting this battle against the counterfeit products in the form of IPR Services agency. In this concern we have busted the several rackets of counterfeit products not only FMCG products but Automobile, Pharma, Chemical, Leathers and several others bootleg merchandise. After this we have observed the markets but there are satisfactory results then we had decided to take succor from media and then launched the fortnightly tabloid in 2009 under the name of ? Counterfeit News? first news paper in India. This tabloid help us to fight with the piracy very effectively, it has covered a very wide range of circulation across the country. We have the readers not only in the national and multinational companies but government offices also have been covered. We find this medium good but not enough then we have decided to found NGO to deter piracy from on every phase.

As our Indian markets are the victims of Piracy. If we scrutinize the market closely then we will come to know how drastically piracy has been affecting to our Indian business sector. Whereas in our Indian economy dramatically GDP has been increased then on the other hand Piracy is licking to our economy like termites.

In the recent past our government has been introduced several laws to fight with the piracy but it is not enough to tackle with such a big matter. We are the consumers and it is also our responsibility to be alert from the counterfeit products and if we have a doubt on any products then inform to the concern authorities.
Our Aims:
It is a nonprofit making organization in the public interest. Our main objective is to remove piracy from the market and seek to promote health, agriculture, biodiversity, science, culture, and the environment. Expanding a worldwide network of IP professional volunteers to create awareness across the country to shake the ordinary consumers from their slumbers that how piracy is affecting to their routine life. As in today?enario if we will ask somebody in the concern of piracy they know only about the pirated CDs and DVDs but there are the several other counterfeit markets are getting nourished by the bootleg merchandise like FMCG industries, Real Estate, Auto Parts, Medicines, Agriculture and many more. A normal person can?ke a difference between the duplicate products and the original one, so we are here to rectify and help them to save from the dire consequences of forged products.
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